We Offer

The "Five Stars" agency offers a wide range of recruitment services only dealing with skilled professionals. The main business lines of the agency are childcare and private premises cleaning. You can see more detailed services listed below.


At five stars we believe that a nannie can have a huge impact on child's life. Children often look up to adults as examples of how to behave. Therefore we are extremely selective with our nannies. We believe that a nanny must be well spoken, well mannered, and have good social skills. They must be healthy and have good hygiene.

The specific requirements of a nanny should be agreed between the employer and employee prior the employment.

- Your child safety, development and well being.
- Dressing and bathing your child.
- Organisation and supervision of the children’s social activities.
- Keeping child room clean.
- Preparation of healthy meals.
- Taking your child to and from school.

Working hours

Live in – 10-12 hour day 6 days a week.
Live out – 8-10 hour day 5-6 days a week.

Candidates are fully aware flexibility is required from time to time regarding working hours.
They are flexible with their days off to suit each clients needs.

Holiday nanny

A holiday nanny will be employed only during school breaks and will be expected to work along the same lines as a live in nanny.


A housekeeper can be employed as live in or live out. Her responsibility will include:

- keep rooms vacuumed, dusted, clean and tidy at all times;
- maintain the families laundry, ironing, and dry cleaning;
- care for silver and crystal;
- change all bed linen, towels etc;
- feed and walk the dog or any pet that lives with employer;
- do grocery shopping;
- cook family meals;
- flower arrangement.

Housekeeping couples

The coupe is required to run and manage the household on a day to day basis. The gentlemen will be required to drive the employees on occasion to functions and airports, drive kids to and from school as well as drive employer to and from work. He will have a good handy skills and knowledge of gardening skills and knowledge of garden machinery. The lady will be required to run the household.


Sitters provide care for people who are dear to us and require constant supervision of a professional. Typically, these are out of health or disabled people and patients during the rehabilitation period. In these cases, the nurse with medical education is needed, so that she could not only help the patient cope with daily needs, but also monitor the health condition, observing the instructions of the doctor in charge.

Sitters are needed for older people who require constant care and moral support. Workers dealing with elderly people should have a psychologist skills, be considerate and good conversationalist. Very often our senior loved ones lack attention and heart-to-heart talk.